We all know that the world and people's lives are getting more complex.

At the same time, the insurance industry is working to ratchet down the level of consultation that comes with homeowners’ and automobile policies. Artificial intelligence is impressive, but when it comes to helping you identify your exposures and recommend solutions, there’s nothing like the real thing.

A little time and less money will go a long way in helping you make informed decisions.

We do not sell insurance. Our only interest is lending our years of experience and expertise to you. 

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Whether your company has a few employees or has grown to a work force size that requires additional help with HR, Doug Bowser’s 18 years extensive experience and contacts in the Human Resources and talent acquisition and management can help you greatly.

Services are available on an hourly basis with no long-term contract and can include work in any of the following areas that you choose:

  • HR Law and Regulatory Compliance
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Planning and Design
  • Employee Relations
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Talent Acquisition High Touch and High Volume

Our service support model is flexible, reliable, and effective.  We will create policies, procedures, infrastructure, safety and compliance within your organization.

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We can and will get you the best possible market terms and loan package structure. We will frame your credit needs to get best possible response from banks. We do the legwork for you so you can spend your time and energy on your special areas of expertise.
You will also benefit from our preferred banker contacts throughout northeast Ohio, or, you can stay with your current banker and still get more favorable terms if that is your preference. Our experience with companies between $1MM and $400MM revenue and have delivered results. Most likely, there is an opportunity for you to advance your business goals, too.

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We will edit your written work to improve grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, clarity and tone. We do this while leaving the intent and meaning of your content unchanged. You may find this helpful with any written communications including, but not limited to:

  •    Newsletters
  •    Internal communications
  •    Proposals
  •    Reports
  •   Letters of every kind
  •   Web copy

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We can take your concepts and create copy for you. Here are some areas in which we can be of help:

  • Corporate Communications of every kind
  • Marketing materials
  • Blogs
  • Op-Ed pieces

This is a partial list. Our only real limitation is that we do not evaluate technical information for accuracy. 

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